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All our items are hand finished

Bench and table

Singer table and seat with small table

Garden items

garden items and rose  arch with matching chairs

comemorative bench.jpg

Commemorative seat 

table and chairs.jpg

Table and chairs

nursary school picnic tables.jpg

Childs picnic tables made for Turriff primary school

pew planter.jpg

Planter made from an old church Pew

Barrow flowers.JPG

Wheelbarrow Planter

2 tray planter.JPG

Two Tier wheeled Planter

Spinning wheel.JPG

Auld Macdonalds tractor planter

Spinning wheel

large dominos_edited.jpg
foot stool_edited.jpg

Foot stools

Large domino,s

Library planter.JPG
Library planter 2.jpeg

Trellis Planters outside of the Turriff Library made for the Turriff gardening club


Garden Seat


Sunflower seat 

swing seats_edited.jpg

Swing seat

Snow men
swing seats_edited.jpg

Double swing seats with optional childs swing seat

Christmas tree decoration
Rabbit hutch

Snow Men with LED lights

Christmas Tree decoration

Arabbit hutch with opening roof to store food and  bedding.


Cute Owls

Traffords  gnome_edited.jpg

Mrs  garden gnome on plinth

Bird Table..jpg

Bird Table

Tack box_edited.jpg
Tack box.jpg

Tack Box

Horse Tack Box

hedgehog house.jpg

Hedgehog house closed

Hedgehog house 2.jpg

Hedgehog house open

cold frame.jpg
cold frame 2.jpg

Cold Frame closed

Cold Frame Open

Rabbit hutch

A Rabbit hutch with opening roof for access to sleeping chamber and food storage area on the left. This hutch also has a run. 

3 picnic tables.jpg

Three adult size picnic tables


Carved Fox

Dolls House

Dolls House


Dolls house shop


Long garden seat

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