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What is a Men’s Shed?

Men’s Sheds are community spaces to connect, converse and create. The activities are often like those of a garden shed project, but for groups to enjoy together. They help reduce loneliness and isolation, but most importantly, you can have fun & be creative.

                                                              Remember, a Shed can be whatever you want it to be.


What skills do I need to join the Turriff Shed?

None, the Turriff Shed welcomes you to come along and to see how we can help you improve your wellbeing by you getting involved. You may have your own skill/s that we don’t currently have.


Who runs Men’s Shed Turriff?

The Turriff Shed is represented by a nominated committee of all ages and experience. There are no bosses at our Shed.


Is the Men’s Shed just for older people?

No, our aim at the Turriff Shed is to remove feelings of loneliness and isolation which can be dangerous for your health and wellbeing. We at the Turriff Shed recognise that age isn’t a factor in loneliness and isolation and would encourage anyone over the age of 18 to become member.


Can women go?

There are many Men’s Sheds in the UK with female members, but most Men’s Sheds exist for the benefits they bring to men’s health and wellbeing. However, we at the Turriff Shed recognise that any gender may benefit from such an environment and we would be interested to hear from you.

Where can I find more information?

You can find more information at

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